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VoiceCommand Anchor 1, *.biz, *.pw  is Keiths final new world peace making achievement as of GODs timeline 20211108-UNIocracy-SolutionManifesto.pdf NOW deployed by NGOs who oversee all governments and all corporations until the end of GODs eternity.

  Soon and NOW, all eDevices will be interlinked and GPS tracked by you and those you authorize to access using our original procreated Block Chain EID electronic Identification of FOIA.ONE worlds last total interlinked unhackable ROM read only memory universal stabilizing database we designed year 1977 NCSU CSC 411 course.

  Once using Keith + GODs existing technology, everyone is self liberated. Easy now to just speak into FOIA.ONE shared open public collective cooperative database and ask for what you truly need.  All the wants of your world are easy to achieve by always knowing first hand WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, who trades what with who.  Once all possessions are tagged with DID (device ID) all devices and assets are GPS tracked to determine who is authorized to access GODs assets once and forever.   This is the UTOPIA of HEAVEN known as garden of EDEN that KEITH was commanded by GOD to deliver +64 man years ago.

 Since KEITH has inherited all of GODs earthly assets and natural resources, you also are owners of and forever.


  VoiceCommand is the ability of everyone to use any Cellphone, any computer, any microphone eDEVICE to command Next Best Action at any level. Includes making decision that affect your daily life. If you run over a pothole, Call it in to command it be repaired. Same as everything else. The paper Chasers of our world always demand more signatures and approvals while claiming they must be promoted to manage over MORE paper chasers including all these evil satanic Politicians and Corporate Executives who claim only THEY can decie anything about GODs world of most forsaken war torn slave traded cloned factory ant colonies.

  VoiceCommand perfection empowers each of you to communicate one to one Degree of separation thorugh Keiths most powerful Artificial Intelligence Database FOIA.ONE once everyone uses ONE international ID to prevent anyone from stealing your identity and escaping justice by claiming 'THEY SIGNED nothing, They are immune from prosecution, THEY are not responsible for their very own criminal and civil actions'  Worst Weapons of Mass Destruction were always Heresy of He Said, She Said all to divert attention from WHO violates our civil rights.

  VC normally means Venture Capitalists who are the most wealthy elite, most of us very mild and most humble meet top world ranked scientists, engineers, ProCreators, Makers, Research and Development top world experts, and generally love to greet and meet everyone without exposing our true net worth.  We truly hate to be hounded by News Media, hate to hire bodyguards and live in guarded castles, and spend all your assets on those most expensive yachts and corporate Jets like ROBERT DEE ROSE of infamy.

   ONE call does it all to +1 770-377-2106 as of November 8, 2021 we remain worlds first and very last TRILLIONAIRE of intellectual property and GODs time that is the most valuable commodity reality present day reality.  Our work will indeed destroy eliminated almost all banks, and forever ban all publically traded stocks use of free will barter exchange and original

  All banks, all corporations, all infrastructure are always owned by the workers of the fields who use GODs technology to prevent civil rights violators from pirated GODs assets. This is current World WAR FIVE days of final infamy.  CALL us and make YOUR world reality best use of today. 


  When GOD sent Keith to NCSU Raleigh NC August 1976, we were directly asked by my Father GOD Creator to procreate a new wosl society all electric, no paper, no crime, no politics, no terrorists, no anyone who violates GODs rights or your rights.

  We have no other world solution to solve, publish, prevent, and reverse.


  Everything is cross referenced for each of you to use to liberate yourselves from both the Criminal Ruling Elite, all those named criminals and terrorists who all roam freely because of your individual apathy, ignorance and most shameful actions of "WE JUST DO NOT CARE about any others mentality known as 'WHAT is IN THIS for ME (your)"  Surely humanity now dies a most painful death caused by LUCIFERS like that have HITLER Master race dominance drilled into their cockroach infested heads.   So BE IT.​

  My Angel Guardian Protector FrontLiner Human rights activists of are waiting with baited breath to see who actually CALLS us back, provides us a meal and transportation to use to teach each of you how to fast path solve any issue from nano to GODs eye view problem, conflict, even how to fast path reverse current World War FIVE use of we re-delivered to DOBBINS AirFORCE base all to motivate each of you to BE OUR NEW WORLD leaders once and forever. 

  Command VOICE is the original prime and only solution to drive our new world by ASKING for what you want and need, and having our robotic computers actually perform the task hands free use of original IseeSTAND.ORG that gift shares stabilizes any computer webcam, any smartphone (dumb ones too), any visual oriented device with microphone and speaker all integrated through FOIA.ONE. 

  Best first application is JOYDRIVE.US since every one usually travels somewhere to conduct business, social, shopping, medical appointments, even driving to the cemetery to be planted by the zoombie Zombie who always roam freely too.

  WHO do YOU KNOW is the most powerful question of GODs time to dispatch top Corporate Executives, DOD, DOJ, press, churches, literally everyone to book keith on Nation TV media or any of those millions of direct stream broadcast networks over GODs internet.

 WHO DO YOU THINK ProCreated YOU in their own image. Was it your father and mother, or our mutual HIGHER POWER who sees everything and has finally decided to abandon forsake humanity one last time. WHY?  Because each of you known as humanity has decided you must be dominate and self greedy by dis-respecting the rights of all who surround you.  This was always your reality.

  A few people of lunatic criminally insane mentality are hell bent on depopulating any opposition to their LUCIFER agenda of deception and most horrible crimes against humanity once they claim ONLY THEY are the top and only decision makers when in reality, they suffer from forgetfulness and in ability for them to confess their crimes against almost all of you.

I am tonight at speaking with Bartender SCOTT (another highlander last McDonough) and owner operator Jay.  Always I am speaking GODs worlds of self salvation and showcasing how GODs technology is the ONLY way to eliminate destroy all LUCIFER enemy of our Peace Making State of mindsets called mastermind engineering the most powerful YOUR method to advance our own human race.

  As of NOV 9, 2021 literally and virtually no one has a clue that GOD sent me and has been my only true real benefactor.

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