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SmartSmoke is worlds last universal ONE patented communication STANDARD of single communication standard for all smoke Detectors and related fire prevention control. Below goes back to my 1976 NCSU Grad Procreator career when I personally was sent by GOD to unify WE GODS people forever.  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact and actually PROTECT Our lives right now.

  Updated 2023 July 23-24. Just met St Marys Georgia Fire Chief while turnover of other world saving solutions through Councilman Artie Jones and Mayor John F. Morrissey (912) 510-4041 ; Artie Jones, Jr. Post 1 (912) 464-0047 Met with City Clerk (912) 510-4039  Gave her also the KEYS to GODs universe ultimate HIS/HER business plans I procreated my entire soon 65 years.


Each manufacturer is required by CONSTITUTIONAL laws to agree and use keiths same MODBUS communication protocol.  We even were the original author procreator of IBM DataTrade in Charlotte NC BroadWay & Seymour INC,  year 1989-1991 . This new world stabilizing system works regardless of interconnection communication wireless or wired method. No more paying for any monitoring services through independent Central Stations like ADT, Westinghouse, ROLLINS INC who I worked for in 1984 as CEO Randal Rollins personal Executive technology consultant.  This one gift from GODs #1 scientist engineer keynote front-liner also unifies mankind by interconnecting every single person and every PLC electronic IMEI, SIM, extended kIP address kDevice that is now registered with permission authority of IID in worlds last open public database FOIA.ONE.  Our entire system was procreate conceived starting Aug 15, 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC.  This Gods domain was recreated July 15, 2021.

These are the key prime education gifted broadcasts on HOW to UNIFY mankind using tech, common sense, and integrity. Never again will the few 'criminal ruling elite' criminally control our profits and assets of new world energy, water, land, real estate, banks, commerce, trade, and infrastructure. Now we own the education and communication and education systems as ALL free Will Citizens who decide our own current reality and future destiny.

Smart Smoke Detector Gift Design

(c)(tm)(r) Patent 2012 from 1976 forward #1 top mastermind expert in world

TOP LEVEL SUMMARY and Company Profile.

THE PRIME REQUIREMENT is that ALL Manufactures of our (c)(TM) Patent design agree on a single set of universal communication protocols such as MODbus for all devices to be inter connected and linked so every device is tied to a GPS location and is registered to an individual or group with FOIA.ONE.  Each device has a IMEI and assigned unique IP address. This prevents theft as well as identifies all aspects of the protected area and the residents or owners who are authorized to monitor and control their own premises.

    This one system does NOT exist anywhere in world since most corporations command their markets with Patents and intellectual property protocol as PROFITS are the focus of TOP corporate executives who use OUR dividends and bank interest to capture the marketplace for only their very own benefits.  PRofitShareHolders.SPACE returns total control and power back to all humanity.


Our unique key prime universal stabilizing design of  achieves total world peace.  Fires are often set by terrorists, criminals, and yes even corporate executive to destroy the infrastructure we have built. The Bankers behind the true conspiracies LOVE fires for the mass media they own sell AD revenue of TRILLIONS of USD products and services as WHAT BLEEDS, LEADS the news.

  The man made (or GOD allowed ) fire disasters destroy billions of USD assets every month ranging from forest wildfires to multi building fires. Prevention is the KEY to everything. If a fire does break out, our (tm)(c) Patent technology is universal in pure GODs nature to detect exact location of any fire, automatically turn off the electrical power, notify the FIRE department and everyone in surrounding area by Text Messages, Wired Speakers, even auto generated conference video calls to those affected all through FOIA.ONE singular database.

Most Critical DESIGN specificationsmake PUBLIC WORLD LEGACY HISTORY.

Each Smart Smoke Detector confirms to a SINGLE series of interlink communication protocols and connectivity through optional hard wire cluster, with micro BlueTooth, or 2.4 Ghz standard over the air 2-way transmissions, connect to Internet with RF-45 or equal, even cell data connection (call Charles CHUCK Link) in Atlanta Georgia.

  The most popular standard communications protocols are MODBUS and that will all be our new universal stabilizing singular standard method for any eDevice to communicate with any other extended IP addressed device. Every device will be open public on as to WHO owns and controls that device. No more Cyber crimes can be conducted by taking over remote devices once all open public source software is deposited into FOIA.ONE for data analysit reviews and then cross compiled down to required hardware infrastructure. VIRUS laden software will be quickly identified and back tracked to the person who is conducting cyber crime infiltration.


  CALL EVERYONE YOU KNOW including Attorney Sally Q Yates at in Atlanta Georgia. Ask her over voice record what she has done to CONTACT TRUMP, FBI, AG, Military regarding the most dangerous terrorist of all, Robert Dee ROSE who is with $100 Million USD record bounty on his head for immediate turnover to MILITARY as a war criminal who violates OUR privacy thousands of times each day.

100% related as ROSE is the #1 most wanted cyber crime hacker and even called a Terrorist by the few who really know him as a REAL person hiding out at Paradise Island near Lost Atlantis Resort.

Our system is the worlds last universal communication protocol for everyone to use with TurnOffLights.SPACE to detect by motion detection movement anyone in an area.  Once any fire starts, including remote forests, our comprehensive system can dispatch required firefighters equipped to handle the composite material type fire depending on the infrastructure recorded (factory, gas, slum, storage, etc). Even small drones can be dispatched to survey extent of fire and who is in danger at ground or upper building levels.  Some day even HydroGen filled blimps surveillance to put the fire out with WATER pumped from series of thousands of local lakes through pipes run throughout the region PUMPED STORAGE Water 'think massive HUGE Battery of energy'  systems.

  Mega city fires are so easy to expand rapidly for the gas propane bottles used by mega poverty communities go off as BOMBS once an electrical short or criminal starts the fire. Our system is clearly cluster network communication as only ONE of the smoke detectors must be direct connected to POLICE, local village Captain, POLICE, and even the news press stations.

Our unique rare universal stabilizing system automatically shuts off the power to the affected area, and even the RESIDENTS can put the small fire out with unlimited water as WE provide the FREE unlimited underground piping system, including all costs to build fire hydrants and related fire station equipment.

Reference: GTPSI-ManilaChapter.ORG. that is one of the last clients who BARELY Pay KEITH and his group true SURVIVAL FUNDS.

Not much left to do but WAIT for Military ESCORT to debrief INTERPOL, DOD, DOJ, and of course all

WORLD PRESIDENTS Final PEACE SUMMIT would have occurred on Jan 20, 2020 if a SINGLE PERSON had called KEITH from Jan 15, 2008 to present to ask the most obvious question of all. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE to FREE our PEOPLE from the Slave Trading GODs that EVERYONE CAN see are so many of our elite Politicians and Corporate Executives


NOTE: If we DO not show up by personal invitation by YOU, our most beloved people, the criminals and terrorists have succeeded in murdering the rest of our top scientists who truly have the keys to WORLD global PEACE salvation.

THIS update added Jan 23, 2020 by the worlds top consultant advisor to all world leaders. Keith Brent duncan

Updated 2023, MAY 31.

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