top of page = Aircraft.TODAY and were procreated by #1 Keith Brent Duncan on 2023Feb10 for most obvious reason This was always our personal professional business most humble focus of how WE THE PEOPLE all Fast path unify all mortals forever as only Small business Owners all middle class. The other perfected solutions all reduce all fossil fuel to 5% of all current world demand.

  Our entire 65.555 manyears of GOD + human focused life, we have never harmed, scammed, defrauded, robbed, or threatened a single soul.  Reality was we have been business/personal persecuted, threatened, robbed, defrauded, forced into Hell 6 times over 900 days total started April 2009 through Nov 20 2018 for only reason our very own family and career criminals PAID off key OUR officials to order we be remotely destroyed so THEY (same group) could abscond with our shared prime only complete anti all crime system of led by each of You. All about the return of ALL our own IP net value fortune. + combines all known technology achievements with Keiths revolutionary new world and worlds last complete perfected Artificial Intelligence shared last worlds concentric interconnected un-hackable perfected one-way databases linked at top of world saving FOIA.ONE. Everyone MUST contact directly ALL PRESS, and ALL top world problem solving CEO engineers NOW !. Includes OUR  USA, and YOU CEO owners of WE THE PEOPLE. 2022Dec29

  Include CEO Kyle Clark at Beta.Team, and all other General aviation manufactures includes BOEING, GE, Northrup, literally EVERYONE.  Even UK Dr. Jason Hill at +44 (0)1889 228040

as Keith Duncan personally offers over $450 million USD of his massive technology funds to any and all vendors. is GODs engineering designs to maximize transfer of passengers and minor freight great distances using absolute mininum weight and no more use of fossil fuels. Keith has personally gifted everything back to each of you as Gods example of sharing all our natural resources at local community levels. eliminates 70% of the wealthy elite worldwide by direct real time EVOTE.ONE democracy of WE choose who are Corporate Executives and WE the shareHOLDers maximize return on OUR investments. Powered Electric Gliders are


  Keiths original lifetime passion is Serving each of you worldwide. Includes new world of General purpose shared Aviation driven by all we have perfected to unify mankind as ONE cohesive peace making societies of GODs world  Everyone deserves to get PAID first for all of your work efforts using 5Steps.LIVE (was *.life, but cost us $40 to renew Nov 4, 2022). is GODs only way of YOUR ACTION to decide who are EACH of OUR corporate Executives like Gary and Pam ROLLINS of part of and from Peachtree road United Methodist Church, Sr Pastor Bill BRITT.   Updated Oct 8, 2022.

 NO more Stock OPTIONS or Corporate Aircraft unless owned outright by the employees, investors, and leadership of privately held stock showing their general ledgers to everyone who inquires. Claims of secret PRIVACY by anyone is the most outrageous LIE SCAM of all time since KEITH is open source sharing EVERYTHING GOD sent him to deliver to each of you.  Swappable power systems of and use of lightweight automated robotic built airframes and diesel, turbine, electric combination of thrust systems includes GYRO copters and glider configurations to maximize the use of hydrogen remote controlled blimps that are tethered 1,000 Ft to 60,000 Ft altitude or used as fleets riding Gods airstream upper atmosphere wind currents to move anything great distances.   We are indeed the most ingenious Highest IQ scientist engineer Frontliner Angel Guardian Investor Philantrophists of GivingPledge.SPACE, superset of mega billionainers and mega milkanaires (oh milking the perverbial cash cash minor Gods humor of End result is Keiths Angel Guardians now own and control + truly destroys all Military Industrial Complexes forever once WE THE PEOPLE command authority over OUR military families.

 Anyone who claims "THEY" would never allow WE GODS people to decide everything, simple ask the person, PLEASE NAME THE THEM and give you their direct contact information so you can personally BOOK the same THEM to meet with #1 new world leader Keith Duncan + his other HIGH IQ teams.

  Simple call to Duncan at +1 770-377-2106 Atlanta Georiga USA and you are now 'on your way to'

eCraft Anchor

eCraft.US is automated GREEN ECO Aircraft Flight systems thereby little fossil fuel needed for retired fossil fuel aircraft using and other Keith systems to decentralize all old Mega Corporate PIRATE executives once rewrites all Corporate By-laws as modeled by use of + cross referenced GODs list on

   This updated Dec 30, 2021 by endorsing all Aviation executives + BETA.NET at Burlington Vermont Airport CEO Kyle Clark.

We are the most wealthy Scientist Inventor Research Developer Consultant Angel Guardian Philantrophists of of all time  based on our ability to solve ANY problem world wide using with no exception. Most people are DEVILS advocates whose minds turn to mush as soon as they hear anything that challenges their self entitlement self gratification GREED of sin, vice, and crime.


  Keith just called 470-223-4927 Executives AJ Piplica, Glenn Case, Michael Smayda, Skyler Shuford, and Dan Kliman Director of National Security. Located NW quantrant I-285N I-85 Atlanta, 3960 Dekalb Tech Parkway, Doraville GA near our PDK with Pat Epps Air service and We have all their contact information and direct requests for world reformation past 63 years.

  I can easily invest $20 million USD with their hyposonic engine and airframe research to create along with our other systems to increase interstellar speed close to speed of light, maybe even exceed Speed of light some day soon once Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet of actually contacts us back as always required by GODs commandments and existing laws of common sense.

   Keith has personally left this behind also just like everything else to UNIFY RATIFY mankind one final time.

 Aug 4, 2021 we directly called 3 top Aviation Executives at Evolution Air, EPIC E1000, and Cirrus. No one ever does required folloiwup by top Corporate Executives actually debriefing #1 world expert on everything that benefits everyone. This is known as IOE  and is new world reality once FOIA.ONE and common universal interconnection communication standard stabilizes our human race.

Issue was always PREDATORY GREED of the faced Corporate Executives known as NWO, Criminal Ruling Elite, and other words that most accurately describe how bigots, racists, and criminal brood of vipers from Matthew Chapter 23 are actively genocide HOLY COST holocaust GODS world since this elite group have NO concern or empathy for the rights of any one else to be free will Sovereign Citizens of GODS world. was Gods system to convert all war machines back to peacemaking transport systems of mega trillions USD of your assets used to enrich the banksters corporate executives worldwide Lucifer societies.   is 100% non-judgmental engineering math of transfer of energy from storage batteries or generators focusing on Water H2- turbines of to lift weight to any level. Maximizing energy power exchange for working effort is all about minimizing energy loss at all levels. ThermoDynamics of MetaPhysics is the most powerful methodology our top #1 world scientists have always focused on by combining existing organic and non-organic material into most efficient mechanisms easy to mass giga factory manufacture.  

 Our most best selling favority aerial aircraft is the Epic 1000, Platius, HondaJet, Cirrus, and JetsonOne. We just got return call from CEO Doug Kings Assistant Kathy who USA +1 541-318-8849 as I just offered them $10 million uSD or more out of my own billionaire fortune to mass manufacture by replicating best design practices using sane same methods.

  As of Nov 22, 2021 historical legacy, not a single person has ever protected most humble Keith Brent Duncans life or commanded my assets be restored while record +125 persons are put in prison and death row using GODs methods of holding anyone accountable for violating the rights of any other.

  SkyLift is modeled after cable cars and snow ski lift systems including all mechanical weight redistribution ssytems that use to be powered direct by ancient grist mill waterWheels and Roman AquaDucts known as Run of River weirs.

  Since we have radar, GPS tracking, and complete technology computer hardware systems perfected back in 2000 era, easy for humanity to now focus on prevent reversing WHO causes all mass poverty and world genocide by controlling our assets once 'THEY' demand 'PRIVACY' to cover up their violations of our civil rights to literally LIBERATE ourselves.

  Few use the term WE the PEOPLE, or WE GODs People anymore. All caused by original LUCIFER Predatory GREED.

WHO do YOU KNOW who will protect Keiths life and actually use GODs methods to advance our very own human race?

July 30, 2021 At Downwind Restaurant PDK afternoon, A Velocity arrived to refuel so I took short video. This style of aircraft is so easy to convert to all electric or even put secondary power plant on nose so we have BOTH.  Lightweight composite construction makes reality worldwide once mass production is set up under Elon Musk or others who understand the true value of personal transportation at extremely low cost per kMeter.

Surely Anyone Contacting Keith will be rewarded with MORE final world solutions once and forever.  

Some of you remember the 1960's cartoon JETSONS.  George's boss was so intent on capitalism competition, he literally drove everyone insane just like so many of the top ELITE most now must call 'Criminal Ruling Elite' the HAVES, the Corporate C-Pirate Executives.

Appears only about 5% or approximate actual violate basic laws past 500 years once USA and Philippines was discovered by Spanish inquistiion remnants of Christopher Columbus and Magellan.  Both introduced disease and mass poverty to the local natives of both regions all based on pure greed of stealing GODs natural resources of Gold, Jewels, tea, relics, literally anything that was unprotected since abundance of these resources was so great, the raiders thought, OH no loss to them, as they gave them beads and pretty red robes and equal while planning for the extinction of the local natives. same as today. 

What no one has EVER DONE to date is SIMPLE followup on HOW to procreate total world UTOPIA of  

Aug 1, 2021  ### World Press Rebroadcast release. is Revolutionary solution all electric/small engine final answer.  Keith is also worlds top #1 expert on Aviation that has never been recognized by anyone.  We flew U-control aircraft built at age 12. Then flew with aviation friends age 23 forward including famous Chuck Link oCEO and Steve Haslop of Gwinnett County Airport with son Kyle Duncan 770-655-5546. Keith took Kyle to OSHKOSH 2005 secret trip and even got a hitch ride with CFO of Cirrus that week.

Our expertise is legendary heritage of extreme ability to SOLVE any world problems using computer science + hardware combined with ergonogics of human psychology to stabilize entire human race by showing how all small business owners NOW RUN all affairs of GODs world.

Never again will criminal ruling elite, terrorists, ego driven POLYTICians, banksters, human trafficers, drug/gun/sex traders, and ruthless people like Eric Rodolph and Terry McVey murder thousands and millions for pure pleasure of thinking THEY are false GOD deities. 

  We were about to get our Pilots License and purchase a Cirrus 22SRT back in summer of 2011 when ROBERT DEE ROSE was bent on murdering Keith and his family yet NO ONE has ever shown just cause for WHY I was criminally illegally detained those 6 times = 900 days.

  THEREFORE all these events command USA GOV apologize and actually UPHOLD LAWS and protect Keith and his growing angel guardian investor teams today.   

WE have EXPANDED and EXPENDED all efforts and all our resources to arrive at today Aug 1, 2021. Still impoverished and have only $1,000 USD despite reality our net worth value exceeds $10 trillion USD based on anyone see what Keith and few others just did.

#### Mike Patey at OshKosh with new highest performer Scrappy super cub he built part by hand. This is example of what Keith has designed transition from fossil fuel to supplemental electric support and soon with aerial  blimps we have jump regional transfer landing platforms at 1 to 50,000 ft altitude. Huge loss of fuel from climbing from runway to cruising height. Keith at Downwind Resturant EPPS at PDK atlanta after debriefing Johnathan Sweet, instructor and salesperson for Cirrus. 


July 30, 2021 update to   from #1 top worlds expert 770-377-2106  Velocity  Factory in Sebastian Florida with Dwight Swing.

#1 Revolution is SkyLift.US of to reduce all electricity use worldwide by 30 to 40%. Over 120 TerraWatts of almost free electricity now by inside our massive Mountains as new world watershed re-management system modeled after All green 100% eco green mining now provides all iron ore, raw materials to re-build Mountain communities of  DIRECT funding of over $300 TRILLION USD from and that captures all criminals and terrorists like ROBERT DEE ROSE of  WHY do MY PEOPLE refuse to deal with their own local commUNITY issues anymore? is worlds last town hall forums when we use and to decide NEXT best PROJECT and treat ALL corporate executives and government officials as ONLY highly compensated Consultant Project Managers and NOTHING else.  Destroys all stock market insider traders, all stock options, bonuses, deferred compensation are OUT-lawed by orders of the Share Holders of RECORD every single 3 months.   BOOK DUNCAN 770-377-2106 by contacting us DIRECT and command our DOD DOD CONGRESS, POLICE, literally everyone provide serious protection of KEITHs gifted ordained divined Intellectual Property today.



Reality past 500, 2000, 5500 years is elite families pre-select the government leaders. Gods PEOPLE seldom have any choice or vote in any matter since the same group brainwashes our people that only Central Authority Chain of Command can decide the fate reality of any group. Opposing groups are quickly destroyed any ways or means.  UNiocracy, org does what has NEVER been done, use of EVOTE,.one at PeaceSummit2020,.com town hall forums when each  community group decides reality of NEXT best project. Ressurrected for Aug 1, 2021 weekly until total world peace is finally achieved. Youtube.COM/UNIocracy is the top world self salvation playlist of all time. 

May 2021.

 Contact CEO Kyle Clark at Burlington Vermont, +1 802.281.3623 to invest, support and purchase their STOL aircraft.

Ask everyone to contact CEO Keith Duncan at +1 770-377-2106 headquarters today.

We are inventor authors of new ALL electric society to eliminate the need for any fossil fuels worldwide.  Exception is weaning off OIL COAL LPG by reserving our last oil reserves for aircraft and space travel. This is worlds last inherently CRIME free world.


So many named persons have rejected our gifted broadcasts and personal delivery of HOW to UNIFY mankind. Infiltration of CORPORATE DATABASES and GOV databases is how super criminal terrorists roam freely. These we solved and prevented 44 years ago use of method, now solved and prevented use of Everything we have generated is use of 


REVERSING CLIMATE CHANGE and Mass Poverty was always easy application of ancient technology to Green ECO MINE the insides of our mountains using, building thousands of on demand hydro Power water turbines, and reuse of existing transmission lines so owned collective cooperative ELectric Power Producers are off the old WALL STREET Electric Stock Market grid.

   This UNIocracy new world Society is caused by mass publicity of ONE single new world BYLAW system of  and and all other ordained divined Methods delivered by GODs messenger Keith.


PLEASE CALL US directly as we will quickly cross promote BETA.NET on top of TURNOffLIGHTS,com to bring you new investors and clients 

for Free of course..


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