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skyLiftUs Anchor is also perfected GOD + Keiths methods to provide almost free air travel and lifting services worldwide. Hydrogen was always the most economical lifting Gods element using safe technology to avoid the risks of fire and structural failures of the 1930's.  Value benefit exceeds $250 Trillion USD by massive reduction in all aircraft use, all cargo ship and oil tankers used by criminal enterprises like OPEC and Fossil fuel co-Pirate executives to hold each of you hostage to THEIR Corporate By-Laws that actually run all our world affairs universally.  Evote.ONE was GODs simple method applied to and to procreate forever.

A simple contact debrief with our worlds most wealthy engineer scientists of GivingPLedge.SPACE results in worlds last most peaceful recommission of over $500 TRILLION USD of pirated wealth and legally acquired wealth back to places of greatest mortal needs. 

   +1 770-377-2106 is fast path HOW to unify all mankind 7,9 BILLION strong NOW use of thjat is universal stabilizing forever.. showcases how to use simple old technology to revolutionize both travel, transportation, movement of both water, freight, and people. 

  As of May 23, 2022 not a SINGLE person has actually PAID Keith Brent Duncan a single DOLLAR to turnover anything that sames all morals from self serving greed, wars, and mass poverty. HOW is this YOUR reality?  Because the most dangerous criminals and terrorists including Robert Dee ROSE all roam freely once they infiltrate our databases and extort, threaten, pervert, pay off, bribe OUR officials and corporate executives as seen above videos series.

 Simple CALL +1 770-377-2106 and then HOST the most massive peace summit PROTEST RALLIES in world history.   is Gods simple use of Airships tethered and free roaming along with other simple engineering methodes to lift massive amounts of weight skyward without need for fossil fuel engines including rockets and aircraft.

  These are also Keiths most profound MetaPhysics accomplishments sent by GOD to forever destroy the Tower of BABA waWa Babylon I showcased Oct 2, 2011 Sin City Lawless Vegas, Nevada night before I was brutally kidnapped on direct orders of super Lucifer Terrorist Robert Dee Rose IID 1-197104010-1 Negative 99% referential Integrity death row rated.

  Each of these answers include all other Gods engineered most practical 'past' fast path solution methods using open published gifted by most humble Brent Duncan who has also deliver deployed on how to destroy all criminal pandemic networks in record time of 1-2 years using Gods Technology KINGDOM systems.

MOST critical recent World Broadcast is Elon Musk about Gods Reality at:

 Final Solution Update Feb 15, 2022. Keiths total world replacement economic system of also includes ability to create peer to peer world global transport systems of autonomous hydrogen blimp fleets including adjustable height by either tethering them to ground based stations and top of highest mountains.  Includes setting up portable airport and landing pads at 1,000 ft to 60,000 ft altitude. Includes even catching returning booster rockets devoid of 95% of original weight once the propellant is used. Image a group of blimps with a large catch net spaning 300 meters square or round used to snare even passenger rockets or aircraft for refueling and reuse. Simple mathematics of metaphysics shows massive reduction in need for fossil fuel by keeping the passenger and freight loads at highest altitudes. Worst waste of GODs energy is obtaining cruising altitude. Once we harness the extreme wind currents at 10,000 feet and higher, most massive reduction in onboard weight of energy fuel occurs. 

  Also we show here how a simple cable system can vertically lift massive tonnage from ground stations to blimps modeled after snow ski lifts and cable car systems at vertical or slight angles.

   Stacking blimps vertically also massively reduces the size and strength of the mooring cables since each subseqment supports its very own variable weight. Groups of these skyLift systems can be quickly combined to lift subsections of any freight or other energy refueling systems including   High valued electronics can be compartmentized in deployable gliders in case cable breaks or a diaster occurs to conserve the most valuable components for reuse. Includes gliders for humans to descend at any moment since no engines or power are required to land.

    BIGGEST value is deployment of Keith Duncans OCTV EYE in the SKY communications and infared + visual communications portable self sufficient satalites as now everyone in world has direct access to the flow of OUR data worldwide.

     Not an issue with the cables being hit by aircraft since GPS and warning beacons are distributed over ONE communications naviation systems that also stabilize our mortal race to SPACE while preventing any criminal terrorist groups from waging energy wars over GODs natural resouces ever again use and immediate deployment of that puts all military families under full control of we GODs people civilian local control.

    NO MORE HAIL (or is that HELL) to the Commander in chief once all leadrs are paid in cash for project completed and have no ability to pass laws or regulations based on campaign contributions and lobbists who always protect the first family BILK-anaires and Mega MILKaniares of the WE the PEOPLE consisting of GivingPLEDGE.ORG billionaires who have no intention of EVER gifting their family corporate (never was private) wealth dynasties to any CHARITY upon their death. GREATEST LIES are always the con-artist spin doctors known as NWO criminal ruling elite. if anyone has a more accurate BEST solution, they are always required to use and openly describe how to improve GOD and engineered by the metaphysics numbers that are all common sense we learned from GOD, from CEOSPACE.NET,,, and as well as our direct interaction with + tens of thousands of Sovereign citizens who personally always knew Keith Duncan was sent by GOD himself to deploy these most profound, disruptive engineered scientific methods that benefits ALL of you +7.9 Billion Children of GOD at one time.

   PROTECT KEITHS life today as WE HIDE from NO ONE or NO world Lucifer issue our entire life of IID seen at FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 Integrity +100%, we have gifted EVERYTHING back to each of you by our testimony compression of EVERYONE MUST LOVE ALL OTHERS with only exception being the criminals and terrorists who refuse to SURRENDER to us.

 This updated Jan 4, 2022  Pure raw scientific math of transfer of mass to energy to transport mass to higher altitudes was always easy way to eliminate all corporate PIRATE Lucifers by decentralizing all authority and Gods wealth one final time.

 Keith (his Guardian Angels) have been endorsing all Aviation manufacturing executives and other top scientist Procreators like Elon MUSK, Larry Ellison (Oracle), SAS Founder Jim Goodnight (Cary NC USA), even Keiths prime cousin Atty David Fountain at who was President of Carolina Power Co / Duke Energy.  Keiths first procreated turnofflights automated distribution system was when amateur radio friend gave us personal tour at highly secure central control center located Hillsborough Street near our Sullivan Hall resident advisor building NCSU campus.

      Our procreated works including direct funding to BETA.NET at Burlington Vermont Airport CEO Kyle Clark.


   We are the most wealthy Scientist Inventor Research Developer Consultant Angel Guardian Philantrophists of of all time  based on our ability to solve ANY problem world wide using with no exception. Most people are DEVILS advocates whose minds turn to mush as soon as they hear anything that challenges their self entitlement self gratification GREED of sin, vice, and crime.

Keith just called 470-223-4927 Executives AJ Piplica, Glenn Case, Michael Smayda, Skyler Shuford, and Dan Kliman Director of National Security. Located NW quantrant I-285N I-85 Atlanta, 3960 Dekalb Tech Parkway, Doraville GA near our PDK with Pat Epps Air service and We have all their contact information and direct requests for world reformation past 63 years.

  I can easily invest $20 million USD with their hyposonic engine and airframe research to create along with our other systems to increase interstellar speed close to speed of light, maybe even exceed Speed of light some day soon once Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet of actually contacts us back as always required by GODs commandments and existing laws of common sense.


Current rocket technology can only lift 2 to 4% of its mass into orbit.  Earths density of gravity, atmosphere friction, and STUPID PEOPLE have prevented Gods people from actually exploring my father GODs universe.  SkyLift is tethered Hydrogen Filled blimp fleets at 5 to 60,000 foot altitude.  OH what about airplanes hitting the mooring cables. STUPID devils advocate answer. GPS and conscious awareness was always Gods answer.

    Using the model of Cable Cars and conveyor systems, consider a single blimp with 50 tons of upward lifting force. It can support 49 tons of downward weight and remain aloft. So easy also to construct a chain of vertical blimps on multiple cables. Now anything and anyone can be lifted to highest altitude at leisurely pace. During storm system, simply go above the storms or wench them down to the ground.

  Weight Includes Jet fuel, people, cargo, literally anything. Rain collectors on top can now transfer H20 weight down while pulling up new supplies and people. H20 turbine Generators produce on-demand electricity while the water weight descends through simple small pipes. 

    Blimps will now be regional airports for interconnects including swappable battery packs using systems. Worst waste of Gods fuel is climbing out of airports to crusing altitude. Oh what about safety.  Go back to use of lightweight glider designs in case of need for emergency descent. Computers are already controlling each of you at all levels, convincing you to WORK HARDER, pay more taxes, Buy Insurance, borrow more of your own money from the Banksters. Worst lie is ?? someone in any government will soon intervene to build new state of the art education networked centers, to provide preventative medical care, provide safe water, food, housing, and return OUR Land back to OUR GOD focused people.

100% non-judgmental engineering math of transfer of energy from storage batteries or generators focusing on Water H2- turbines of to lift weight to any level. Maximizing energy power exchange for working effort is all about minimizing energy loss at all levels. ThermoDynamics of MetaPhysics is the most powerful methodology our top #1 world scientists have always focused on by combining existing organic and non-organic material into most efficient mechanisms easy to mass giga factory manufacture. Elon Musk and other BILLIONAIRES must be direct contacted to meet debrief Keith Duncan NOW. Our Corporate GateKeepers and most of you are the PRIME hurdle of WHY no one actually collaberates using GODs engineering methodology to share all technology and wisdom.

 Our most best selling favority aerial aircraft is the Epic 1000, Platius, HondaJet, Cirrus, and JetsonOne. We just got return call from CEO Doug Kings Assistant Kathy at USA +1 541-318-8849 as I just offered them $10 million USD or more out of my own billionaire fortune to mass manufacture by replicating best design practices using sane same methods. #1 Issue for all electric society was always Battery Power to weight ratio. #2 was most efficient power train transfer of GODs energy to output shaft at highest efficiency levels now provided by  engineered starting with in Rizal Manila Phillipines I personally procreated.

  As of Nov 22, 2021 historical legacy, not a single person has ever protected most humble Keith Brent Duncans life or commanded my assets be restored while record +125 persons are put in prison and death row using GODs methods of holding anyone accountable for violating the rights of any other.

  SkyLift is modeled after cable cars and snow ski lift systems including all mechanical weight redistribution ssytems that use to be powered direct by ancient grist mill waterWheels and Roman AquaDucts known as Run of River weirs.

  Since we have radar, GPS tracking, and complete technology computer hardware systems perfected back in 2000 era, easy for humanity to now focus on prevent reversing WHO causes all mass poverty and world genocide by controlling our assets once 'THEY' demand 'PRIVACY' to cover up their violations of our civil rights to literally LIBERATE ourselves.

  Few use the term WE the PEOPLE, or WE GODs People anymore. All caused by original LUCIFER Predatory GREED.

WHO do YOU KNOW who will protect Keiths life and actually use GODs methods to advance our very own human race? was always method of preventing all crimes at time of transaction by eliminating the threatening people with use of Open Circuit TV, smartphones, auto BioMetrics Face Recognition back ground check through regional, national, and international single FOIA.ONE open public unhackable database maintained by Interpol under full supervision of #1 world anti all crime inventor Investor Mega Billionaires of Everyone benefits by fast path convicting any violator of GODs human rights single Constitution  PROTECT Keith's life today at Headquarters +1 770-377-2106. Otherwise Keith soon returns back to Heaven to reign WRATH down on all offenders.

Skylift.US Eliminates entire Shipping Industry and decentralizes even Corp PIRATE Executive control over Colonial Gas Pipeline as 50% of all gfuels go through ONE centralized 5,000 mile pipeline OUR shareholders control, never was THEM = Corporate Pirate CyberTerrorists like Robert Dee Rose.  Read their Corporate Pirate Executive Excuses why WORLD does not use simple MODBUS communications systems.

    Conversion of OLD technology provides unlimited weight transfer from any region to other nations as well as provides capture of massive Rainfall at highest elevations to Hydro Water H20 Generate TerraWatts of FREE electricity to power mankind. No more fossil fuels except that reserved by humanity for aircraft and space travel.

  EVERYONE Contact Everyone PRESS. Focus on call visiting ELON MUSK At Ask all TOP corporate Executives to DEBRIEF with KEITH DUNCAN right now. May 12, 2021.

  July 16, 2021 HOST as GODs original final plan to unify mankind. Requirement from dawn of man was GODs people eliminate the LUCIFERS who are the false god deities so NO one will ever cause harm to others. All the engineered systems delivered by GOD through KEITH and his top world scientist engineers show HOW to deal with root metaphysical base issues by advancing the human race as collective cooperative shared systems when everyone benefits. EXCEPTION is those who refuse to surrender their pirated wealth and confess who are their victims at any and all levels. These most ruthless mortals must be exiled, imprisoned, and many of the worst put on DEATH ROW by order of YOU through EVOTE.oNE   we really have no need for any law enforcement officials once WE GODs people deal with issues at all local village levels.

  ONE Last time, ANYONE who objects is required to provide a better BEST solution method or be silenced until they actually confess WHY they are such criminally minded hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools, and criminal brood of serpent vipers as described by GOD + CHRIST in Matthew Chapter 23.

  Our new world Universal Support SKY monitoring, and space travel simplified. Solves basic issue of metaphysics transfer of weight versus NO energy lifting of mega tons to highest altitude by Cable Car system and pulleys. Most major simple advancement of lifting fuel, people, water, anything over 50,000 feet in altitude by counterbalancing weight system used in all Elevators.  This is a simple trade-off of energy versus physical weight anyone can demonstrate visually or mathematically. SO SO SO beyond bizarre almost NO ONE uses any technology to solve and PREVENT any human condition of Predatory Greed.

  Now that HUMANITY has unlimited HYDRO GEN kTurbines TerraWatts of Cluster Networked electricity and unlimited Water supplies held inside highest mountains, entire humanity decentralizes all authority makers of Corporate Executives and elite GOV politicans to our Mountain Piedmonts.

  This concludes WHY GOD sent KEITH alone to be #1 mediator of as of last final update May 10, 2021

  Requirement was always to HOST press conferences and to TAKE ACTION by talking direct face to face WITH same TOP corporate excites Executives and GOV leaders who clearly are deadly afraid of mass riots and chaos pandemic Martial Law caused by THEM.

 CLICK:  2005 RAND Research study on use of HydroGen Blimps for Military use now used as PEACEMakers and RainMakers.

 CLICK:  Analysis on Methods versus Cost of HydroGen Production. Now lowered cost to near ZERO by

    COST to Produce Hydrogen is drastically lowered by use of Water Driven Turbines as no fossil fuel is ever needed again.

  VALUE: Mega TRILLIONS of USD in cascading economic effects no one has ever tapped and document broadcast except KEITH BRENT DUNCAN. Same as all the other technologies we have GIFTED from GOD for reformation unification results of NEW WORLD communities of UNIocracy.

All of these are the most profound self evident of WHY KEITH showcases how HE is living in true REALITY and most of humanity are brainwashed cult led by same Criminal ruling Elite who profess 'Do NOT drink the COOL-AID unless you buy it from THEM = US".  GOD clearly sent Keith and has been prosecuted relentlessly by almost everyone when they (YOU) claim, THAT is IMPOSSIBLE. No way to use technology to decide their own reality.


   RELATED: Fleets of HydroGen Blimps traverse Earth on the cyclical Jet airstream at different altitudes. Same as the ancient sailing ships did at sea level. The Hydrogen is used as fuel to maneuver around any approaching storm systems.  With GPS and radar navigation, these new cargo and passenger ships reduce the entire shipping industry to almost ZERO. 


  BENEFITS:  SkyCams for Community Crime Watch Guards of deal with any community member direct acess to steerable high definition webcams to watch for any ground or air situation. Includes automatic face BIO recognition of intruders or wanted criminals terrorists including ROBERT DEE ROSE of infamy flame FAME.  Use of old military repelling sound systems and heat generators can be used to disperse crowds who are causing issues with local patrol officials known as constables, militia, police, and military squads who are integral members of each community who know everyone by

   Restaurants in the sky. Can be moved to any location including slightly off the COASTs similiar to the fishing piers of major cities.

   Aircraft landing platforms at highest altitude as hubs of commerce. Massive reduction of fuel costs of landings and takeoffs.

  These fleets of blimps are easy to change altitude depending on current needs and weather conditions. These are also radar platforms for weather forecasting and storm alerts to massive reduce damage to Gods people.

  Best Benefit of all is free production of electricity in the most smog polluted cities worldwide. The water collected on top of blimps are used as energy when the flow is piped or bucket loaded down to the ground.

  My old amateur radio friend BUZ from Greensboro was patent holder engineer at Burlington Industries in year 1980 had the answer patent of  anti Lightning Strike technology that is easy to deploy by reverse IONIZATION system to keep ION Electrical force fields from discharging and striking communication towers.  WOW.  OH MY DEAR GOD !    Only Keith is living in true reality using all forms of GODs technology to solve and prevent any disaster known to man.

  Large Blimps can also be Helicopter and small plane or paragliding landing platforms at heights up to 10,000 feet limited only by human need for oxygen without pressurized cabins or breathing systems.  NOTE: All Pollution and air quality issues are always generated at Mega City levels that are 95% located at coastal cities and major river systems. There are few exceptions to this one eco social demographic reality.

Virtually NO HAZARDS During storm system, decommission the sky blimps by lowering them by same cable system to ground bunkers. This is most effective in mountain communities by lowering into the valleys since lightning only strikes the TOP of objects known as Lightning protector towers.

   Also, easy to decommission by burning off the Hydro to produce electricity thereby solving the issue of fuel that might ignite like Hindenburg German Blimp of May 6, 1937.  

   .  Ground HYDRO turbine water plants using free electric systems quickly regenerate more HYDROGEN by splitting Water = H2O with no fossil fuels or danger involved.


   SO SO SO blizzard bizarre that all these HYPOCRITES, CYNICS, Criminal Brood of VIPERS, LUNATICS, and literally INSANE INCOMPETENT idiots are running GODs world affairs and few if anyone CARES about the CLEANUP of the ELEPHANT POOP and MULE crap that exists once the Democrats or Republicans claim OH WE ARE HERE TO SERVE and PROTECT. Just TRUST us with your taxes and assets and THEY decide everything on who LIVES or DIES painful holy cost DEATH and torture like KEITH has been personally experience past 13 bible GOD timelined years.

Counterweights including collected WATER from top of BLIMP is used to LIFT next weight. WOW. ReUSE of ENERGY at virtually NO COST. Duncan

Created May 7, 2021 while in Raleigh NC, this is also our engineered perfected system since NO ONE can ever deny this works using ancient technology combined to solve basic issue of lifting weight to higher elevations. 

Keith also has published a simple methodology to increase the old speed restriction of 25,000 miles per hour of a space rocket. No one has ever ever ever asked us anything since world is SO BUSY, BUSY, BUSY thinking only of themselves. (INCLUDES even YOU readers who know eactly what we have been master teaching our entire lives... duncan is most humble scientist engineer of all expertise who remains 100% impoverished because ROSE and DUNCAN clan and almost ALL others decided fast way to MURDER me and DENY your rights was to file 4 TPOs known as GAG orders so NO ONE would ever ever ever protect the victims of serial ORGANIZED criminals including DUNCAN family idiot terrorists gun toting Douglas Vernon Duncan of 803 Greenwood Circle Cary, NC who we cruised by today to ensure he would not escape the MANHUNT we have planned for him decades again. same as everyone else.

WhereIsRobertROSE,com is also PATENT PENDING just like everything else (c) (R) Branded  Intellectual PROPERTY the most valuable commodity technology to advance our very own human RACE.

Counterweights including collected WATER from top of BLIMP is used to LIFT next weight. WOW. ReUSE of ENERGY at virtually NO COST.

Rain fails down, WHY not harvest ITs energy from the very TOP.

Can also be used to power ELECTRICAL GENERATORS at TOP or bottom. GIGAWATTS of FREE ENERGY from FALLING RAIN,. 

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, Keith was sent by GOD from HEAVEN. 

Keith. May 8, 2021 currently near RDU airport Raleigh Durham NC on final QUEST for total world unification.

July 16, 2021 In Johns Creek Alpharetta GA area past 3 weeks all to TEACH world to all my most forsaken impoverished people.

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