top of page also unifies +8.1 Billion WE GODs People forever. Shows how to fast path use Keith + Gods simple patent fully gifted engineered technology to provide free shared all electric transportation worldwide. All the other K.I.S.S. Keep it Super Simple systems are procreated to be shared collectively by each of YOU so no one will be left behind by the WarLords most know as the Criminal Ruling Elite like #1 cyber terrorist Robert Dee ROSE and others clearly expose showcased $500 MILLION USD seed fund no one will sign.

 As of 2024 June 17, not a single person has ever protected Keiths life or commanded recovery of a single dollar criminally stolen by Duncan Clan, Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama or each judge, lawyer, DA, coPirate Executive who all want KEITH and YOU Dead.  Call us NOW and be re educated on how everyone benefits forever.


  Universal Benefits of below are: 1. No more wiring harnesses, switches in any new production vehicle that is 30 to 50% reduction in all manufacturing, warranty, repair costs. 2. Cell phone in visor + One Large display in center console is our prime interface with being our #1 new world standard of AI. 3. One joystick in center console is total control of speed, braking, micro adjustment of seats, windows, mirrors. Anyone can use any standardized vehicle as all collision avoidance webcams and sensors are built in and retrofitted on all existing vehicles includes 4. Sharing any vehicle even electric bikes, scooters, golf carts, SUVs, offroad ATVs is covered by your limited liability insurance through 5. All parts between all manufacturers are now standardized as interchangeable. Example: One lugnut standard, One precharged interchangable swapped stackable methods worldwide. 6. Interlinked BT, WIFI, and Cell communications so everyone knows WHO is WHO and WHO is trusted companion and helpers. 7. No more junkyards and outrageously priced vehicles. Remember The Minority Report movie? Only one standardized car that was Lexus.   8. All other engineered benefits are show perfected below. Duncan. is Keith + GODs + YOUR complete perfected engineered transportation system that minimizes all costs of manufacturing, higher sales commission, minimized lifetime costs and maintenance, and easy to retrofit upgrade during the lifecycle of OUR communally shared collective cooperative all electric scalable transport systems.  Keith has personally architect engineered constructed an entirely new total replacement system for all 8 Billion remaining humans.

  We hereby announce the design manufacturing of worlds highest quality transportation line in world history. First vehicle is ACar, then BCar through ZCar. Totally scalable worldwide using keiths inventions and intellecutal protected assets we gift to everyone, includes worlds leading monopoly manufacturers so WE THE PEOLE now legally eliminate all BROKERS and false promise supply chain intermediates.


  Our product line starts with electric skateboards eBoards, eBikes, eCarts (golf carts), eDolly, eBus, ETrain, eTruck, eShip, eYacht,, eJet, EJetson.  The Rest is YOUR moral economic engineer responsibility to procreate GODs at all levels by eliminating all those who worship LUCIFER using devils advocate insane incompetent criminal con-artist of 'OH JUST TRUST US' known as MLM charles Ponzi Schemes like most recent FTX Bitcoins scoundrel Sam Bankman-Fried. Includes ousting Pres PUT-IN, CCP, all others from OUR Wall Street and Banker brokers elite NWO use of perfected 3 step already perfected as worlds most powerful simple massive reduction in producing common shared  transportation systems to literally eliminate all the anti-climate change warlords false promises.

  Only by WILL OF WE GODS PEOPLE will any of the current criminal ruling elites be totally removed from all authority decision making chain of command hierarchies forever. YOUR actions of commanding Keith and you be featured on any news media broadcasts to demonstrate in person how GODs eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE interlined most efficient decision making data driven systems procreate GODS utopia here on earth and soon our OUTER SPACE once we perfect and all other engineered simple solutions provided by only KEITH


   These simple GOD delivered technology method solutions are the most massive reduction in all manufacturing costs by eliminating all switches, wiring harnesses, and related hardware 'creature features' on all conveyance vehicles. All existing manufacturers now share ALL patents and inter vehicle communication standards as well as interchangable parts now mass manufactured by Keiths NGOs worldwide..  M T


  All Manufacturers, SBO small business suppliers, and all Dealerships now go full scale into the retrofit business to eliminate and recycle all our existing junk graveyards including 100% recycling of billions of scrapped tires and scrapyard metal, plastics, fluids, and electronics. This includes sharing our GPS self tracked vehicles point to point with swap able scalable emerging battery pack technology. Lower weight per mile is massive increase in energy expenses.  No one will ever be stranded and alone once everyone knows WHO is WHO and WHO owns what forever use of direct registering everything and everyone through Keith + GODS FOIA.ONE. Updated 2023Jan02.

  Value exceeds $100 trillion USD by we the people collectively cooperating sharing ALL of GODs resources once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO are embezzlers and conducting underground criminal enterprises includes slave trading of 90% of all of you. No more infrastructure issues once is worlds last almost free underground 100% green mining operations to extract best basic construction and energy materials to build GODs each of us own control manage and decide NEXT BEST project and WHO is the best consultant project manager who is now highly paid in cash for completing each project on time and under budget stipulated by same WE THE PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE and open public database FOIA.ONE.  

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect keiths life today and command our existing Dept of Social Justice go retrieve ALL of our $40 billion USD self earned fortune of today.


   Elimination of all fossil fuels for power generation and at point of conversion use is minimized down to near ZERO.  Only exception is General Aviation owned by each of you of and front liner humanitarian airlift operations 20,000 Corp aircraft of PDK Pat Epps based

  Updated Dec 28, 2022 by #1 your new world leader President of Keith Brent Duncan. PROTECT our lives TODAY and accept turnover of all our intellectual peoperty and knowledge + wisdom that GOD personally sent us to deliver FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rated +100%).  Integrity count +100 Oct 10 2022

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 Keiths simple GOD engineered technology eliminates all wiring harness and switches on all vechiles forever. A single JoyDrive Stick in center is your speed controller/brake, and micro adjustor for seats, mirros, window, and any moving component now driven by Included are multiple webcams of 360 degree roof mounted, your cell phone in visor using Keiths original patent, and other 'creature features used for proximity and inter-vehicle standardized communication systems between any car retrofitted with Keith and Charles M. Links technology who was CEO of in Atlanta GA from year 1976 NCSU. Now everyone shares all of their transportation vehicles since GPS trackers and Gods technology insures each person operating any transportation method is fully insured and self reliant.

   Now all living left behind mortals can focus on town hall forums to solve, prevent, reverse any local community issue devoid of any political warlords who think only THEY can decide our reality and destiny fate. superceeds even Elon Musk other top by 85% costs by eliminating all wiring and switches making our systems minor weight and complexity while upgradable by retrofit to swappable and now 100% free short long distance Electric Bus/Train/Truck infrastructure on existing right of ways and underground under GODs mountains use of powered by GODs and simple energy control distribution systems.  Makes no sense why corporations and governments. parking lots, street lights leave ALL our lights and motors on all the time. WE GODs people always pay the costs, bills, taxes for the super Wealthy ELITE to live like KINGS of the ANT colonies Keith has showcased his entire life. #1 world at 770-377-2106.

  BEST SUMMARY VALUE BENEFIT in world HISTORY demonstrate gifted RIGHT HERE. valued excess of $10 TRILLION USA annually by no SWITCHES, no WIRING HARNESSes, using Keith Duncans patents of VOICECommand.SPACE and swappable stackable recharged BATTERIES. includes original patent mounting any cell phone in visor of our cars, big screen display in middle means NO DASH and absolutely MINIMUM computer chips and hackable systems to actually GO FROM POINT A to point B.

     Includes all makers of cars and trucks now share inter communication transmission digital interfaces between ALL cars retro filtered fitted.  ALL cars heading to junk year NOW recycled as valuable power drive platforms by DROPPING the engines and fuel tanks replaces with SMALL standardized electric motor on Differential or even DIRECT drive suspension replacement systems.  NOW Powered by basic 50 mile ONLY state of art battery. 

   Additional RANGE achieved by RENTING a recharged hydro WATER turbine battery pack for JUST the additional DISTANCE NEEDED without need to PLUG in at those most impossible to find recharging 240V charging stations.


    Call us NOW 770-377-3106 as we were always worlds last TRILLIONAIRES who gifted everything back to each of you using new world privately held corporations soon rebased in Asheville NC and in your local community hometowns of using

Everyone SELF educate yourself to be top master of specific expertises. We were super computer to programmable logic controller super masterminds even on battery technology of Ni-CADs back at NCSU Raleigh NC that makes us world most famous celebrity scientists once again,.

  This updated Jan 22, 2022 as I DO feel like a mastermind alien sent by GOD to teach how to use OUR technology to be crime free

JoyDrive.US (c)(r)Patent Gods engineered methodlogy is one Standard Vehicle manufacturing system that also achieves total world Global peace once all Manufacturers are required to share their patents and robotic assembly line processes. All benefit at all leevls.

   This Procreated engineered specification design from #1 most humble World Inventor Frontliner Civil Rights Founder includes ONE single failsafe drive power train system. Every other vehicle function is separate Command By VOICE software that is stabilized and shared between all manufacturers to reduce complexity and also stabilize the computer ROM PROGRAM separate from the RAM data so NO ONE can ever HACK infiltrate OUR infrastructure Programmable Logic Controllers ever again. Use of eliminates any cyber crime attack once and forever.

  Part of our final easy solution is Swappable Battery packs at all levels including, any car, motorcycle, bus, freight truck, plane, Blimp, seagoing tug cargo passenger ships. All by using GODs best transfer of energy from H20 Source to drive those required DRIVEshafts that all propel us into GODs final frontier of Universal Space as peace making Sovereign Ambassadors so our Alien friends will not perceive us as hostile to their way of technical life. 

 NEVER be stranded as all manufacturers and small business shops go fullscale into Retrofitting business of NO MORE JUNK YARDs, no more abandoned cars, NO more theft by deception, NO more CHOP shops, No more crimionals who steal anything including from UPS Corporate Executive retired Mike Briggs lives in Cumming GA near Keiths Bridge #1 victim of cyber criminal terrorist Robert Dee ROSE from 1995 forward. 

STILL, no one but Keith Duncan is showing simplicity solves all world problems, including we now use seappable adnd ADD-ON battery packs (all serial number GPS tracked through Keiths FOIA.ONE) so no one ever gets stranded anwyere once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO to trust. We can even go back to old HITCH HIKING with others who have integrity rating over 90% by doing 15 second back ground check auto face recognition of WHO is the Driver and who are the passengers in OUR shared community escort vehicles includings FreeTRAINS.US to prevent those stupid lunatic terrorists from threating OUR families and GODs assets.  Updated NOV 7, 2021 All Day.

This is common sense outcome of that eliminates all Holding Companies worldwide since original supply chain methodology has always shown Produce all products and services locally and distribute them with free will Barter Market Exchange system. This also eliminates ALL government officials, all taxes, all regulatory choke-hold laws and regulations that enrich only those collectively known as the Criminal Ruling Elite.  Keith has personally delivered and all other God solutions to over 5,000 individuals. Each REFUSE to contact our top Corporate Executives. Most common blame excuse is 'THEY WILL NOT LIKE this, and This is above my pay grade. (known as Slave traded mentality of the Lucifer Agenda now 5,500 years ancient. 

  Once all car design Executives agree on sharing swap-able scale able components and sub-assemblies, everyone benefits from the worker level all the way up to executive management. all are thrilled their investments are now under their proxy eVOTE.ONE control once and forever.  

  Each manufacturer is required to agree and use keiths same MODBUS communication protocal we created as IBM DataTrade in Charlotte NC BroadWay & Seymour INC,  regardless of interconnection communication wireless or wired method. Keith is #1 top Executive technology consultant. This one gift from GODs #1 scientist engineer keynote front-liner also unifies mankind by interconnecting every single person and every PLC electronic IMEI, SIM, extended kIP address kDevice that is now registered with permission authority of IID in worlds last open public database FOIA.ONE.  Our entire system was procreate conceived starting Aug 15, 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC.  This Gods domain was recreated July 15, 2021. is the answer for all electric shared transportation systems forever. Call Keith today.

Design of JOYDRIVE is simplest solution of all.

1. Steering wheel, 1 gas pedal/brake combo drive train fail-safe.

2. Our separate ECO sub-system runs all functions of any vehicle.

 This is 95% software real time driven with built-in fall back operations if a component fails.

   ONE pivoting iPAD or central BIG cellphone or panel.

   ONE Joystick controller on right or left hand .

   All voice activated 2-way control. GPS cell coverage oversight.

   360 degree webcam on all roofs. Telescopes up on demand.

  Cell phone/webcam mounted on visor IseeStand PhoneCradle(tm)(r)Patent 2009 original invested Universal Stabilizer of any webcam or cellphone. Now we use this old technology as worlds ONLY required universal standard for automated transportation systems. Includes sharing video streamed Open Circuit TV over BlueTooth air or hardwired. All switches in any vehicle are easy to eliminate along with wiring harnesses.

   RETROFIT of all older best vehicles reduces recycle landfills to virtually ZERO. Not an issue that new car sale volume goes down to 25% of current production supply chain demand values since everyone benefits re-using everything GOD has already provided.  April 27, 2021.

Update May 3, 2021 Call Jack at Hendrix Lexus Charlotte 704-379-4089, + 704-379-4002 Chad Lamprey, and Matasyne Shisler at Audi Northlake 704-379-8338, Hans at Hendrix BMW 704-858-1065, Antoine Short -Sales Manger 336-482-8566  as our referrals to sell thousands of new intellectual property rights.


April 27, 2021. Miss Brook (23yOld) from Charlotte NC Jim Hendricks Lexus just called keith from +1 704-529-9892 on behalf of Jack as Keith is in market for everything including corporate executive transport vehicles. Surely world will now STAND UP and protect keiths life while booking our Executives to teach OTHER CEO level executives how to be 100% integrity driven focused citizens of

   We ask everyone to go direct to Corporate management to contact us back directly same as tens of thousands who personally know WHO is KEITH DUNCAN.  Our collective #1 world issue is almost NO ONE does followup or asks keith WHAT do we have NEXT to solve all issues of mankind.

   Our answer is: NOTHING left to gift back to humanity as most people have turned self serving gratification known as Lucifer Narcissm at all levels. The top C-Execs know this and prey on my people always claiming "You deserve the best, just pay off your debt so they can be filthy rich and control all aspects of GODs economy' This reversed by simple use of


  BENEFITS worldwide: The trillions of real USD EURO $$$ of are retrofitting older cars by dropping the old fossil fuel engine out, replacing the suspension with electric drive motors and multilevel transmissions such as those of ZF Friedrichsafen of German automotive automated software systems, SIEMENS, General Motors, Ford, Tesla, literally all vehicle manufacturers. Using engineering method of, Everyone benefits by lowering factory manufacturing costs by 20 to 50% and focusing on automated voice command software systems including use of Keiths patents combined with CEO Charles M. Link's now Verizon global universal communication systems based on what Chuck and I were doing NCSU 1976 that are truly still +10 years in front of all other scientists.


 April 22, 2021.  Massive reduction in complex new cars is the benefit for all supply chain subcontractors and automated robotic factories by using keiths old seen on Youtube 2011 June 15

  We went to ZF and CORNING at Statesville today as no one greeted #1 top scientist Keith D, same years ago.

 Exactly WHO will contact top CEOS like ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider and top other CEOS? 

 For +12, +40 very long years, we have been formal requesting meeting TOP CEO groups to turnover our systems for universal consolidation use by all top Fortune 1000 mega corporations.

 Transmissions are clearly needed for electric motors tied to millions of hydraulic pumps on new Construction equipment and high speed electric trains we now cut THROUGH mountains using Tesla Boring methodology.

  The COST reductions and Profit Margin Increases are both Revolutionary and Evolutionary to virtually and literally eliminate use of all FOSSIL FUELS and reverse all Climate Changes worldwide with new Jungles of  Only use of our system will humanity actually be energy unlimited free of speculation markets that are now prevented by that is use of common sense PRO-ACTIVE data.

  The Primary Simplest system is all new car/truck/transportation (some can be easily custom retrofitted) now use ONE prime steering wheel, 1 brake/gas throttle independent fail-safe system. This system can be redundant backup with a single rear drive electric motor to get the vehicle to a repair service center in the occasion when the main drive system fails to operate.

   The Secondary System is the most massive reduction in manufacturing sub-assembly costs and manufacturing installation costs.  We now use a  standard Ipad / display 'fly by wire style" connected to a digital Joystick controller. This eliminates +70% cost of harness wiring all those +200 2-way toggle switches. We also eliminate estimated 80% of all future maintenance/service repair costs since the mean time between failure is virtually 0% for software driven systems that are downloaded from our central Computer database FOIA.ONE ensuring virus free software monitoring and update upgrades based on the immediate needs of the current driver operator.

    This is the return to the original thin-Client, fast "fat' SERVER communications computer systems we pioneered back at NCSU 1976 with Chuck Link of  Our small group of original state of the next ART systems have always been 15 to 20 years ahead of all public available technology systems we were always first to market as innovative unique bundled services and products. Our net worth is beyond mega billions and yet at this point in time, no one has asked us the most key questions of WHY GOD sent us to conceive these same systems.

  HART and MODBus protocols can easily be extended for remote communications connections to any eDevice in the world, thereby preventing copyright infringement, counterfeiting, and cloning of remote devices that is routinely done by cyber crime (terrorists). Prime example of cyberattacks is thefinalTerrorist Robert Dee Rose who uses our free will internet to cyber attack major mega corporations, and infiltrates Government databases with simple use of a 'BOUGHT off" master password and rogue insider.

  The answer has always been simple. Our Higher Powers (FatherGod and MotherEarthFirst) decided to create the human race to discover the NEXT levels of wisdom and knowledge by acting with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others.  Therefore, future intervention by FATHER GOD and others will no longer be needed or requested. 

  The original communications protocols of Morse code and Radio transmissions have evolved to request response packets of control and status monitoring packets. Our original IBM Datatrade system from BroadWay & Seymour in Charlotte NC USA in year 1990-1991 is also our required Company personal extreme expertise. 

   Only the drive train platform and engine(gas/diesel/now all electric) need to be maintained and upgraded (more profits) as now we RIDESHARE using just our cell phones to authorize use of eSkateboards, MX, tricycles, golf carts, cars, vans, trucks, even ePlanes. 

     Call us to BUY your patent (c)(tm)(r) rights to use our unique published technology methods published year 2012 based on what Keith was doing back at NCSU 1976 to create all electric digital paperless society free of crime that is now UNIocracy. All gifted solution methods are shown on  (updated July 15, 2020)

  Most motors are based on Jack-Screw methods with 2way activation by digital transistors transceivers = Drive by wire.

High speed bullet trains, subways, buses, all free paid for BY NGO Foundation. Who's profits are used to build everything? YOURS of course, as you are all my most BeLOVED people as I do work full time for ONE God Mutual Deity I call him Father.

  Just who do you think conceived mankind to arrive at this timelined moment? Was this you? was + solutionGOD and SolutionIslam as the PEOPLE work 100% outreach ministries to prevent crimes by earning a living and helping all others DO THE SAME.  We state the most obvious that our Mutual Creator is 100% responsible for providing the initial required incentives for our scientists to build the current domain realms that will soon propel us into SPACE with all driven by near perfected solution set methodologies we generated.


Keeping everyone focused on SPACE travel is prime way to save all resources in case ETs decide to terminate Earth based on our extreme H20 Ocean = Oxygen and Hydrogen ready as space fuel. and to POWER space lasers (RedDot) and rail guns to destroy enemy pirate ships run by rouge human Pirates led by ROSE and others who live at and have submarines, planes, even mega Yachts named 'Dixie Rose' that are floating telecomm crime terrorist systems that link back to hijacked spy satellites (reference Sputnik Oct 1957). Those who control OUR internet, control everything. Once WE the PEOPLE control our internet and databases, WE rule over any criminal stupid enough to violate our existing laws.

  I was born 9 months later FOIA IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rating returned +101%)

What sounds like science fiction is Science reality of using technology to propel our way to other galaxies once we finally harness the realm of space time continuum...

This will never be permitted by the controlling remote forces (Call them what you want) who do not want humans to jeopardize their domains in other dimensions that are discussed in detail by leading world scientists in past 20 years.

Once saves 50% of all world electricity use, and provides up to 80% of worlds energy ON DEMAND at point of generation to local use.

   Joydrive is the old term for USA crooks and teenagers stealing cars, running high speed police chases, and trashing your car and running away. With GPS auto tracking and Open Circuit TV everyone can access anywhere with, everyone knows WHO is WHO. Even run instant back ground check on a hitch hiker, see they are KEITH most famous DRIVER ENGINEER of all, say HI KEITH, jump on board, where can we take you. PLEASE ask how we can PROTECT and serve you as THAT is they keywords I USE every day to SERVE and PROTECT all humanity

WE laugh and to the SING ALONGs of joy, We count the auto identified FOOLS who must WALK to our factories and TOLL away as our servants to PAY us back for the profits they stole. This includes the CLINTONS, Robert Dee ROSe, the billionaires who pay themselves FIRST, then their lawyers and accountants who HIDE the most critical evidence, the GENERAL LEDGER books that show WHO traded WHAT with WHOM. Solved and prevented forever with FOIA.ONE that puts ANYONE on trial for violation basic human rights.

    Is it not 100% clear that All criminals and Terrorists USE OUR profits to escape death row and convictions to force them on the factory labor floors and as migrant farm workers. This is called restitution due Process of Old Law.

  Related to cybercrime over OUR internet,  Same as my very own BROTHER DOUGLAS VERNON DUNCAN who used EMAIL to threaten to kill keith..  Same as Berry Vic Reynolds said on my VOICE RECORDer April 2014, Quote: "If I EVER SEE YOU on Marretta street, I will KILL you",  in front of 6 deputy sherrifs. Then VIC told me. "GO see CID Officer Hensen about WHY you were robbed and kidnapped." Same person who PREVENTED arrests of Ms bashama and ROSE along with now +125 persons who always saw these crimes committed to prevent YOU my PEOPLE from using our systems of UNIocracy.

We now use shared electric skateboards,  eBikes, EMotorBikes, ETriCycles, eCars, EVans, eBuses, ETrains, Esubways, even EPlanes.

Can we use the first letter k.  as kBike, kCars, kTrain as Keith is My first name as worlds first trillionaire who gifts EVERYTHING back to humanity. my Initials are KBD which most see as KeyBoarDer of all time.

Design of JOYDRIVE is simplest solution of all.

1 Steering wheel, 1 gas pedal/brake combo - Primary system.

ONE iPAD or central BIG cellphone or panel,

ONE Joystick controller on right or left hand.

All voice activated 2-way control. 

Cell phone/webcam mounted on visor IseeStand PHoneCradle original invested Universal Stabilizer of ElectronicNapkin, now the worlds ONLY required universal standard for automated transportation systems.

This ONE UNIVERSAL STABILIZING COMMUNAL SOLUTION alone is worth TRILLIONS in economic markets for most obvious reasons.  Anyone can drive any vehicle without havig to memorize where are the controls.  Even Handicapped persons can use joy stick as speed controller and brake.  And reverse.

   COMMUNAL SHARED RESOURCES INCLUDES our homes, our offices, all marketplaces,  NO MORE BANKS needed once central KBitCoins is all electronic digital currency free market barter exchange system. 


100% Related: slight bible humor: PLEASE DRAW the line at sharing Spouses since free will sex is really a horrible vice = sin leading to all levels of CRIME.  Last sourced report from Tom Haag said Robert Dee ROSE and wife AMY host sex parties. Great way to video secretly and then blackmail our most wealthy millionaires and billionaires in all those hosted rented Luxury Condos at  SINCE even appears to be deathly afraid of ROSE since HE alone is behind worst cyber crime attacks against our very top leaders.

  I did a series of 7 key videos in 2010 about RE Man A date. How to Remanage a Date as clearly I am also TOP WORLDS expert on Relationship Management. Another extreme expertise.

We include the (tm)(c) patent (original) design of 'Joy Drive"  This is a ~75% reduction in auto/truck wiring, drive/control everything by center Joy Stick that eliminates 80% long term maintenance repair extending life of car +20 years.

Elon Musk + any others will LOVE to talk to us and buy our technology that is (c)(tm) Patented since 2012 product of 1976 research forward as top scientists of our world.

Even going down freeway (note FREE word), street lights only turn on before you approach.  Exit sign billboards say, WELCOME KEITH, turn RIGHT HERE to go to Grandma Duncans rebuild Home Siler City NC on Baily Duncan road. All other FROGLEFT and FixHOA and Other solutions were gifted to WORLD almost complete back in 2010....


Drive by fiber optic signal to the motor controllers for seats, mirrors, anything requireing CONTROL. Our best solution is use of universal MODBOS communication protocal. THis system is also WHY Keith is the worlds first trillionaire currently in Manila Dec 30, 2019 on famous Jose Rizal Assassination Day.

Car is GPS icloud enabled including webcams mounted on roof for 360 view of everything.

Anyone can walk up to KTransport, swipe their cell phone GPS  QR CODE. Granted permission as shared Resource owner, off we go from point A to B.  NO traffic jams anywhere.  Just park anywhere, go shop, vacation, work, anywhere free will citizens want to go.

Share our homes, food, schools, community centers, oceans, water energy, literally EVERYTHING as a shared resource.

Keith Updated last 20191228 as standard entries of record we learned SORTABLE SEARCHABLE CSC 411 Dr. Tharp NCSU.

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