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SolutionBattery Anchor 1 shows common sense storage methods of our very own state of the art Battery technology we procreated and used year 1976 at NCSU W4ATC Amateur radio Station.  Most basic biggest no need to RENEW power source was always billions of CUBIC meters of H20 using ancient techniques inside our world ranges to eliminate need for almost all fossil fuel once and forever.  Reboot of OUR energy is use of first RUN of RIVER hydro power turbines. Then use of GODs to build underground mountain harvested farms of Fresh water tank reservoirs. In rare situations, we also use reversed Pumped Storage by GE Systems and all others to harness excess electric energy to push massive billions of cubic meters of water Up inside top of highest mountains for future use when Demand exceeds supply of the monopoly OLD power companies like GA Power, Southern Co.

   Stack-able swap -ble immediate replacement of any battery pack eliminates this most horrible need for expensive remote build-out of EV Charging stations to re-power 1,000 to 3,500 lb battery packs built into the floorboards of new production EV cars, trucks, even buses.  Makes NO common sense to create such huge upfront costs of $70,000 USD charging stations located only in shopping centers and private corporate parking lots.

  Easy now to have all swappable battery packs with QR Scan codes indicating life cycle charge and expected calculated range based on your EVehicle needs and demands of your driving style and GPS locations.  Think of mountain boiled Peanut stands and Propane Gas tank swap-outs at Convenience stores. Includes now service stations and other swapout stations including emergency rescue by HERO-911, Roadside assistance crews, even all tow trucks and 18 wheelers who have huge haul capacity. Once everyone knows WHO is WHO, easy to confirm any front-liner is indeed honest and not a scam artist crook.

  Ask us about the most famous story of having any of your cars KidNapped. While you laugh like hell, you are video/audio recording the crooks driving away. soon to be arrested when they approach police station or cruiser as the Officer greets them with 'WELCOME to JAIL. we have been waiting for you and YOU are late'. Once hauled in front of any of, entire courtroom is LOL as the criminals JoyRiders are instantly convicted and sentenced real time by WE GODS people use of EVOTE.ONE. Includes pay per view payable to Keith brent Duncan since everyone deserves to get paid for producing world saving GODs solutions.

  With Keiths patented systems, any change in small 50 mile range pre-charged battery pack can be instantly supplemented by renting additional 100 to 300 mile precharged pack to put in our BOOT (British) trunk or even small forklift or bumper level exchange. is the fully documented engineered patented system to procreate world of small upgradeable retrofit power platforms so no more junk yard tragedies.


Updated Nov 29, 2022 at PSC docket 44280 GA Power rate increase open public hearings as I testified for only 1.5 minutes and handed GA Power basic and all other aspects of massive reduction in all energy build out systems.

  This alone will be the most massive reduction in all manufacturing costs, maintenance, fast change out replacement, and MTBF lifecycle costs not plummet down to near zero next 20 to 50 years.

S Top Battery Technology manufacturer inventor is Paul Smit  (480)268-1100 His most kind wife is Trisha Smith who I direct interviewed 3 days ago as #1 inventor scientist front liner Angel Guardian most wealthy Author of everything about everyone of all GODs legacy heritage timeline,

I was always most humble brightest student master professor of everything our entire lives and is the prime reason we have re-Incorporated of as model example for each of you to be free will Sovereign Citizens devoid of all the LUCIFERS who think they run and control GODs assets and WE his people.

  This was always GODs original answer methodology to grow anything anywhere devoid of LUCIFER Corrupt individuals who choke the life out of any opposing objectors. It was always easy to see believe and act with GODs authority for each of you to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate.

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